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Maravillas Viudes Perelló - Gerente de Visor Medical

About us

Visor Medical is a division within the Visor Fall Arrest Nets S.L. organisation, a company with extensive experience in the field of safety nets and collective security elements, which saw the need for itself through its own employees that after the outbreak of the global pandemic caused by Covid-19, there were insufficient means of protection to stop the spread of the virus.

l of these means had a manufacturing origin in Asia which meant that our company, used to working in strict regulatory environments with a powerful and well-resourced quality system, was able to carry out this new line of activity.

Visor, a company that, since its beginnings, has worked for and with the creation of safe working environments, understands that products regulated by EN standards, the result of European directives and with mandatory CE markings, must be manufactured in Europe and also certified in Europe. This is the only way to achieve optimum results, as Visor´s primary concern is strict compliance with the standards, over and above the company´s profitability.

Under the protection of European standards such as EN 14683:2019 +AC and EN 149:2010+AC among others, Visor produces surgical masks type IIR in different sizes and fastening systems, as well as protective masks type FFP2, FFP3 (with and without valve) and masks PPE-R/02.075 COVID standard

Visor is SAFETY, RELIABILITY, QUALITY, WARRANTY of being a major producer of sanitary textiles in Spain, in Europe, and in the United States.

Visor Fall Arrest Nets´ desire to excel has provided a large factory in Europe with a LARGE PRODUCTION CAPACITY of more than 150,000,000 units of product per year, with modern facilities with maximum HYGIENE GUARANTEES in the production process.

Equipo humano de Visor Medical

Our Team

Visor Medical, a registered trademark within the Visor Fall Arrest Nets organisation, is the emblem of the health textile activity and has its greatest asset in all the human team that makes up our company, to which new personnel have been added as a result of our new activity, thus contributing to a better development of the area where our industry is based.

Visor is proud to count on the remarkable experience and expertise of a multidisciplinary team with the following departments:

  • Quality.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Web development and digital transformation.
  • Sales department.
  • Exports.
  • Financial management.
  • Administration.
  • Production.
  • Purchases.
  • Technician in different types of machinery.
  • Technical specialists in all areas of production.

Maravillas Viudes


VisorMed - Alejandra López
Alejandra López

Human Resources

VisorMed - Ismael Martínez
Ismael Martínez

Machinery Technician

VisorMed - Santiago Vilella
Santiago Vilella

Digital Marketing

VisorMed - Noelia Griñán
Noelia Griñán


VisorMed - Ana Gil
Ana Gil

Production and Quality

VisorMed - Laura López
Laura López

Financial Management

VisorMed - Laura López
Mavi Lloret

Sales and Marketing Manager

Más sobre Visor Medical

Mission - Vision - Values

To be a European benchmark and leader in the development and manufacture of sanitary textile material with a large production capacity and a response to health safety needs.

Our work consists of creating the healthiest possible working environments in already demanding environments, so that our contribution satisfies a clear need, obtaining a reduction in the exposure to pathologies derived from work practice.

European manufacturing with high quality control standards in production. Visor Medical intends to execute all possible manufacturing units in Spain, creating a value chain for the health sector and impacting on the wealth of our environment.

Honesty, effort, teamwork, trust, security, quality, responsiveness, reliability.