Find out our CE certified surgical mask
made in Spain

The mask developed and manufactured in Spain by Visor Medical presents the most demanding category among those regulated by the UNE EN 14683:2019 +AC, which are the IIR type, resulting in masks with the highest bacterial filtration capacity (99.73%) with maximum splash resistance.

The Visormed surgical mask is manufactured with the highest possible quality materials with a strict quality control on the components and a total traceability with which we are able to identify by means of a QR code all the phases of the production process as well as all the batches of raw materials used.

As a result we obtain a mask for medical class 1 use, with the strictest conditions of use in the operating theatre, or for general use in the population for protection against COVID-19, seasonal flu, allergies or any other virus of transmission by particles.

The Visormed surgical mask type IIR is very comfortable, with an optimal level of breathability that, both for medical and general use in the population, allows you to perform any daily activity, including sports.

Discover our packs for companies

One of the pillars of Visor Medical is to bring true and quality protection to all society. For this reason, in our catalogue you will find a section dedicated to the company. On it we adjust prices as much as possible so that health workers or workers in other industries (agri-food, laboratories, beauty...) protect and be protected with disposable textiles made in Spain and high quality.

On our website you can buy CE certified IIR surgical masks from 0.16/unit. Our masks are also licensed by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Healthcare Products and have a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of 99,73%.

Visormed's one-size-fits-all surgical mask has a perfect fit, is comfortable and also has an optimal level of breathability.

How to fit the mask